Data Powers AI


Do you want to know what data powers AI in your industry? This data is waiting for you to train it to solve business problems.



AI algorithms need product managers and designers to power it with data to create the right customer experience. Read Case Studies about 10 industries to learn best practices.



AIX is a unique book that delves into the gap between the low level technology and high level business considerations of AI.


"AIX brings together Sudha's deep love and understanding of data with her passion to make it actionable for product and business leaders. AIX is the how-to must-read for humanizing AI from enterprise data."  - Ken Herron, CMO UIB Holdings Pte. Ltd.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to innovate in the artificial intelligence space, This book is a must read”. – Natascha Thomson, CEO, MarketingXLerator.

"It's always a great surprise when Sudha Jamthe launches a new book. She has enough expertise to gather information, process it based on her experience, and transform it into knowledge for her students at Stanford University. This book  would not be different: Sudha brings the best of both worlds: AI + business. The AIX book is the must-have reference with powerful secrets for success for enterprise AI - the need for business teamwork with technologists to provide the required data in order to build models to unlock great deliverables by designing and training AI algorithms to solve complex business problems." - Dalton Oliveira, Digital Transformation Advisor, Wardston Consulting.

"With more and more devices created as connected devices these days, Sudha reminds us with her new book AIX, that data and AI intelligence at the edge are bringing human centered design from Autonomous cars to Autonomous Buildings” - Ken Sinclair, founder, publisher and owner of

"This book "The Internet of Things Business Primer" offers an in-depth guide and case studies for anyone who wants to learn how to build with AI and accelerate digital transformation."- Josep Clotet, Founding Managing Director, Barcelona Technology School

 “Sudha is a great supporter of the grassroots of Silicon Valley. I had the honor to work with her, when developing Startup Weekend back in 2010 with eBay and PayPal. In this book Sudha is leveraging her unique insight to prepare the next wave of innovation and support the IoT community. This is not another book about IoT, this is a map on how to navigate the future of IoT entrepreneurship." - Franck Nouyrigat. Co-founder Global Startup Weekend and Partner recorp

“Sudha Jamthe’s IOT Disruptions 2020 book provides the definitive roadmap for building an IoT business and navigating the forthcoming disruption across many industries with a comprehensive overview covering technology, business models and use cases” 

Ajit Jaokar Author of Data Science for IoT and CEO Futuretext.

"With AIX, Sudha arms those who understand business, those who understand the customer and those who understand the technology to come together with a pathway to work together to bring the full potential of AI to businesses.” -  Patrick Slavenburg, Partner Smartified